Using an O2 Mobile Broadband Dongle SIM in an Android Tablet

Posted in Android by Dan on October 24th, 2012

O2 mobile broadband APN settingsA couple of months ago I purchased an O2 Mobile Broadband USB dongle so that I could continue working during an ADSL outage. Once the ADSL was back on I had no further use for it. Seeing as I also had a 3G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 without a SIM, I thought it would make sense to use the remaining data allowance on that. However I was initially unable to find the right settings to make the tablet connect to O2’s network.

Having given it another shot before the unused data expires, I have eventually stumbled upon the correct settings, which I’ll document here for anyone who might need to achieve the same. Previously I was trying the device’s default O2 access point configurations and the APN settings I found on the web. The problem with these is that they are for pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go SIMs sold specifically for use in phones and tablets. The settings for the mobile broadband SIMs are different. You need to use the APN rather than or The full working settings from my Galaxy Tab are shown to the right (the obscured password is, predictably, ‘password’).

Update (30/1/2013): After the remaining data had expired, I didn’t use the 3G functionality of the tablet for a while, during which time I updated the tablet to Android 4.0.4. For whatever reason, the settings shown here no longer worked after adding more credit to the SIM. Eventually I discovered that the “APN type” field had to be set to “default” rather than “internet”. I also switched to using the “o2bb” username that the OS X connection manager software uses with the dongle.