Watchmaker Framework at JavaOne – Using Java and Genetic Algorithms to Beat the Market

Posted in Evolutionary Computation, Java by Dan on July 29th, 2011

Those of you who will be attending JavaOne this year (2nd – 6th October in San Francisco) might be interested in Matthew Ring’s BoF session on genetic algorithms in Java. Matthew tells me that he will be presenting his software that uses my Watchmaker Framework for Evolutionary Computation as part of his session Using Java and Genetic Algorithms to Beat the Market. Here’s the abstract:

Predicting the future is dangerous business. Is Java up to the task? This session discusses and demonstrates a fun and understandable stock-picking system built with Java 6 and various Java-based open source projects. The discussion ranges from machine learning concepts (specifically genetic algorithms) and core Java development with specific code examples to trading system back-testing. Attendees are sure to come away excited, ready to tackle that next hard big-money problem, and confident that Java is a capable partner.