ReportNG 1.1.1 – The Less Embarrassingly Bad Version

Posted in Software Development by Dan on May 21st, 2010

It seems that ReportNG 1.1 fared badly when it came into contact with the real world. It was a buggy piece of crap. If you upgraded and suffered IllegalStateExceptions or NullPointerExceptions, I’m sorry for wasting your time.

The new chronology page was the root of all the problems. The main one (symptom: IllegalStateException) was triggered when you used TestNG’s @AfterXXX annotations. My tests included only @BeforeXXX annotations so I didn’t detect the issue. I have improved the tests and fixed the cause.

Having fixed the stability issues I am left with a chronology page that has a couple of problems with the accuracy of the information it displays. These are due to invalid assumptions on my part about what the TestNG API would return (assumptions I should have tested more thoroughly). There may well be other ways to get TestNG to provide the information required to produce a worthwhile chronology but for now I have disabled it in version 1.1.1.  Compared to 1.0 this version offers i18n and a fix for problems with Gradle. We’ll just forget that 1.1 ever happened.

ReportNG has moved to GitHub. The project website is at The SVN repository and issue tracker at are no longer in use.