New Watchmaker Framework Website / Development Roadmap

Posted in Evolutionary Computation by Dan on December 2nd, 2009

The Watchmaker Framework for Evolutionary Computation has a new website at The web hosting is slow and restrictive, so I’ve decided to self-host the project pages.

The project will continue to use the other tools such as Subversion, Issuezilla and the project forum for the foreseeable future, though I am weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of a possible relocation to GitHub.

I have no plans to move my other projects that are currently on (Uncommons Maths and ReportNG being the main ones).

Part of the new Watchmaker website is the development roadmap, which should answer some of the questions I’ve been asked about where the project is heading. Most of the work for version 0.7.0 is done and in Subversion, there are just a couple of rough edges to be worked out. I hope to do a release before the new year. Version 1.0 seems as far away as it did 3 and a half years ago.