Life-Saving Tip for MacMini Owners

Posted in Hardware, Mac by Dan on November 4th, 2006

Just installed a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse combo on my Mac Mini. In true Microsoft style you have to reboot to complete the install. What it doesn’t mention is that if you don’t remove the CD-ROM the machine will never boot again. Since, unlike most other home computers, the Mac Mini has no mechanical mechanism for ejecting a CD in emergency situations (short of dismantling the machine with a screwdriver). It looked like I was in a bit of a fix.

Fortunately, I was able to access the web on another machine and discovered this vital piece of information: if you hold down a mouse button while the Mac boots, it will eject the disc in its drive. This may be common knowledge among hard-core Mac people but it was new to me. So my soon-to-be-discarded Logitech mouse was able to come to the rescue and everybody lived happily ever after.