DZone MVB Rewards

Posted in The Internet by Dan on September 9th, 2011

This morning I received a package all the way from North Carolina in the United States (it arrived a couple of days ago but I didn’t pick it up until today). Inside this transatlantic cardboard capsule were an assortment of gifts from the fine people at DZone in appreciation of my contributions as a DZone MVB (Most Valuable Blogger).

All I have to do as an MVB is agree to allow DZone to cherry-pick articles from this blog to republish on the DZone network. Not exactly hard work on my part, though given my reduced posting frequency over the last year or so I am somewhat surprised that I am still on the MVB list.

As well as a DZone t-shirt, also included in the package were a couple of DZone magnets, a postcard from the DZone team, and two of DZone’s refcards. One of the cards covers the Netbeans Platform and one is about Vaadin, which is apparently “A Familiar Way to Build Web Apps with Java”. It’s not that familiar but the diagram (right) seems pretty straightforward.

Thanks to Matthew, Jim and anyone else at DZone responsible for taking the time to send out these packages.