Zeitgeist in the Wild – Auto-updated Football Headlines

Posted in The Internet by Dan on May 25th, 2010

Having started with stats.footballpredictions.net the other day, I am continuing with the novel idea of actually putting code I have written into action. If you are a regular reader here you may remember that some months ago I mentioned a library that I had written called Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist analyses a set of RSS feeds and groups articles by topic.

As a companion to the aforementioned stats.footballpredictions.net, I am now using Zeitgeist to track football news from various sites across the Internet. The result is news.footballpredictions.net. This is simply the Zeitgeist publisher application being invoked every 30 minutes by cron.  The site should probably be considered a beta since occasionally the article groupings are unsatisfactory, but for the most part it’s a useful way of keeping up to date with the latest stories without having to monitor dozens of sites yourself.