Posted in Haskell, The Internet by Dan on May 23rd, 2010

A long time ago I wrote a brief round-up of the options for generating HTML output from Haskell.  The reason I was looking into this at that time was because, as an exercise to learn more about programming in Haskell, I was attempting to replicate the functionality of my Football Statistics Applet (FSA) but with pure HTML output rather than a heavyweight interactive Java applet.

The result of this effort was a Haskell program I call Anorak, the vast majority of which I wrote quite a while ago (it’s not going to win any prizes for beautiful Haskell code). It processes FSA data files and, using HStringTemplate, generates static HTML pages containing league tables, form tables, sequences and more.

Having left Anorak dormant for months, yesterday I tidied up a few rough edges and created This online resource provides current and archive statistics for the main football leagues in England, including an all-time Premier League table that incorporates the result of every match played since 1992. I also intend to include all of the main Scottish divisions soon but the Scottish Premier League has a bizarre split structure that, though supported by FSA, is not yet supported by Anorak. Other European leagues (Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga) will follow some time in the future.

Update: Anorak has been updated to deal with the SPL-style split format and the site has now been expanded to include the SPL and all divisions of the Scottish Football League.